Thursday, June 18, 2009

America’s Contrasting Mood

I wrote, in part, the following column in my Cotton Patch after 9/11. I was reading it this week and found myself struck almost dumb by the contrasting mood of America today, and found myself wondering why?
Quote: During my life, I have never witnessed such a show of outward patriotism as is currently taking place in the United States of America. As I travel around, I see flags and/or red, white, and blue streamers flying from passing automobiles. Buildings are decorated with huge flags or signs proclaiming support for our great nation. People are expressing their support for, and their disenchantment with terrorism.
One man was overheard explaining to his son that even if the terrorists were able to kill all of the people in this country, they would find the last American still standing—fighting to defend freedom and liberty.
One report given by the news media indicated a support ratio of 95% for the actions of the president and only a dissenting vote of 5%. Even the Democrats who opposed almost everything that President Bush suggested prior to September 11, 2001 are standing behind him and the decisions he is making.
Much has been made of the coalition building that has been done by Mr. Bush’s team, even to aligning ourselves with countries—which have been known to support terrorism in the past—against the likes of bin Laden and his gang of thugs who pretend to be fighting a Holy War. The following examples have been given about past coalitions. During WWII, we were aligned with the Soviet Union, defined by President Ronald Reagan as “the evil Empire.” In the great world war we defended the Chinese, who would later fight against some of our same soldiers in Korea. As has been explained before, we are able to do some of the things we are doing because of the coalition.
In September when those cowardly deeds took place. Americans left their homes on that clear and beautiful morning, with no hint of the tragedy that would take place in this great land.
When a few innocent civilians were reported as being killed by the retaliatory strikes by the American military, many people were heard to say, “let us know when the count gets to 5000!” It is that kind of anger that abides in the hearts and minds of many Americans today. Close quote.
My goodness, how things have changed!
After two terms of President Bush 43, the Democrats took control of the White House with a senator who was in his first term of office. His chief opponent, Hillary Clinton who many thought would win hands down is now the Secretary of State, Senator Joe Biden is now VP, and the economy is shot! General Motors, once the largest employer in America has filed bankruptcy, but only after the government took it over. Chrysler filed bankruptcy and has been purchased by Fiat. The nation’s debt is the largest in history, and promises to get larger!

The stated goal of President Barack Obama is to spread the wealth around. His stated goal is also to treat the very enemies of America with kindness while vilifying the fighting men of our military. Why not just tie one of their hands behind their back? Why not just say to North Korea, Iran, and any others who would attack our nation, given half the chance, pretty please, don’t mess with us and we’ll do away with our nukes?

Our troops wonder where Americans stand as they still fight a terrible enemy. Where have all the flags gone? What will we do when another successful attack takes place on American soil as most believe it will? Our biggest enemy may not be the radical Islamics, but rather our complacency.

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Shannon said...

I'm with you daddy. I still remember it was similar when I was a teenager and the first Pres. Bush was in charge. I remember hooking up a flag to my CB antenna on the old blue monza.
And by the way, I LOVE W!