Thursday, September 18, 2008

Donuts, Comfort Food

The red light is on! Head up that hill! I feel the need for the ultimate comfort food!
Anyone who is into donuts knows what red light I’m talking about. For the unlearned, it is of course, Krispy Kreme’s red light giving off the signal that fresh hot donuts are in the house and for sale to those who get there in time.
Much is made today about comfort foods, and most are off base. Sheila fixed us some dumpling soup the other day that had red things and green things in it along with chicken and creamy soup out of the Campbell’s can. She put some garlic and other veggies in it and it was lip-smacking good, but when she referred to it as comfort food, I knew she’d been watching the food channel too much. Now, lest some of y’all try to misquote me on this and say something that is different from what I am saying to the love of my life, let me re-iterate. It was lip-smacking good!
But, real comfort food is hot donuts—the kind where you bite into it and hit a sugar pocket—like the kind Jones Bakery used to make when I was a mere young’un. Oh! If there is a heaven on earth, it would have to be a bakery like Jones Bakery was. They probably never measured their sugar, and no doubt when they stirred it in the big pan, they never tried to get the sugar perfectly distributed. I was so good at figuring those donuts out with the sugar pockets, I could look through the case window and pick out a couple of the perfect ones. Now that is what I call a trained eye. Not only that! The dadgummed things didn’t cost but a nickel. Now that’s comfort food!
When our children were young, Jones Bakery was long gone—probably assigned to make donuts in Heaven—but we found out about a bakery in Eastman that made a “run for the money” attempt at making donuts like those from my youth, but they cost more than a nickel apiece. It wasn’t any trouble getting the kids up on Saturday morning to work in the garden, because we were going after real comfort food. A gallon of milk and a couple of dozen donuts and we were in good shape to work in the garden.
Krispy Kreme has a rival, who I will not name in this column, but suffice it to say that they were ordered to cut back on the sugar in their donuts a couple of years ago and it was almost like trying to eat cardboard. I complained and was told by the manager that I should contact the company. Not my job! Krispy Kreme was only a few blocks away, and they have a red light that is turned on when their donuts are hot. Besides that, if you buy a dozen when they’re hot you get the second dozen at half price.
Now that’s comfort food! Tell me what your favorite comfort food is.


Dar said...

Does it have to be just one Daddy? Sorry, I have several.

1. Original NY pizza - There is nothing like it. I think it's the water. There's been some close 2nds here(Johnny's and Fellini's)
2. French cruellers with coffee - it has to be from Dunkin Donuts otherwise, forget it!
3. Hazelnut chocolate - Godiva or Nutella
4. Cuban toast with butter with Cafe con leche - A favorite of mine living in Miami all those years its on every street corner.
5. Pastelitos with guava and cream cheese or just cream cheese - It's so flaky and messy, but it's just the most wonderful treat with coffee.

Sha said...

your biscuits! are you making some today???

Anonymous said...

My comfort food would be some of my
Mother's sweet potato biscuits and her home made preserves or jelly. When I was a growing young'un I could eat about 7 or 8 of'um at one setting. Just thinking about them with some good old cane syrup,
now that would be comforting.

yo bro crow

Cope Reynolds said...

Good job, Pa-in-Law! Look forward to checking it out from time to time.


Mandy said...

I couldn't agree with you more, when that red light in on, I make a V-line to Krispy Kreme!!